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Promos and Giveaways

Hey team!

If you don’t know… now you know I love a discount! This is where I’ll post any fun links and freebies I get to share with you 🙂

$10 off when you spend $20 at Grove Collaborative

Why I’m sharing it: Lots of cooking means lots of cleaning, so your soap may as well smell good! Grove Collaborative is a great source for safer, high quality home products, but what made me try it was FREE (yes- really!) Mrs. Meyer’s products when I did a free trial membership and spent $20. The great thing is I was able to buy things I already needed (hello, growing laundry pile) and cash in on a great offer! They aren’t running the Mrs. Meyer’s promotion right now, but you can still get a $10 credit with this link! And they just might throw in a freebie for you 🙂

Discount on Custom Meal Plans

Why I’m sharing it: meal planning can be stressful if you’ve never tried it before or are in a recipe rut. Platejoy takes your preferences and creates a custom meal plan and grocery list for you! You can choose slow cooker meals, meals with leftovers, even snack recipes! This code will take $20 off your subscription! Simplify life and eat well? Win-win! Give it a try and let me know what you think.