The Edwards Dinner Party

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Local Sugar: Wisteria

Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was beautiful here in Dallas and we had a first feeling of fall (AKA- it wasn’t 98 degrees ūüôā ). It was awesome!

One really fun thing about contributing to Local Sugar Dallas is having an excuse to try Dallas area restaurants and explore some of the great local shops! A few weeks ago I shared another Local Sugar story on Ten Ramen and today I want to share one about a store called Wisteria! It is a huge store with home goods fitting for any style and budget. For non-Dallasites, it’s near Love Field, so you can stop by easily if you are flying in or out of that airport! Hope you enjoy!


Wisteria Home Store Dallas

Near Love Field, there is a shopping destination with furniture, home accessories, jewelry, and gifts galore. This gem is called Wisteria, and it has a fun, eclectic combination of modern, traditional, colorful, and vintage items that will catch your eye. No matter your style, you are sure to find something that would look great in your home.

Read the rest of the story here: Local Sugar: A Dallas Shopping Destination


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Local Sugar: Ten Ramen Review

Would everyone who loves ramen please stand up? How delicious is that bowl of broth and noodles? It can be the ultimate comfort food and you can get totally creative with it. But, I should confess something: I had never had an authentic bowl of ramen until I wrote a review of a new ramen shop in Dallas called Ten Ramen! I’m happy to say that it was everything I dreamed it would be! I slurped to my heart’s content and there may or my not have been proof of my slurping on my blouse. Whoops!

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Local Sugar: Ascension Coffee

I have recently started contributing to Local Sugar Dallas! It has been so fun to explore the great places to eat and drink in Dallas and today I’m sharing a story on one of my favorite Dallas coffee shops: Ascension Coffee.

Ascension has you covered for any meal and any time of day, but my husband and I went for brunch! I have two words for you: avocado toast. YUM. I hope you enjoy reading about Brunching at Ascension Coffee!

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TJ’s Seafood Beer Dinner

Hello! I’m back and am excited to share some pictures from a fun dinner that my husband and I went to.

Have you ever been to a beer dinner? Neither had I until a few weeks ago. The story begins when my husband and I went to TJ’s Seafood so that I could write a story about their new menu items. The food was amazing and my husband tried a Ballast Point Brewery beer and thought it was great! I signed up for TJ’s emails (one of my favorite ways to find out about local fun) and the next week, TJ’s announced a beer dinner with pairings of seafood and Ballast Point beer. We were sold.

Here is a little rundown of the delicious food we ate that night.

bloody mary

We started with an “amuse bouche” of a Ballast Point bloody mary with habanero vodka and a cute pickled pepper! I’m not typically a bloody mary fan, but the habanero came through with some great flavor.


Yummy ceviche came second with corn chips and the Longfin Lager.

Mussels FritesNext came beer steamed mussels with frites and the Wahoo White Belgian style beer. I love mussels (maybe I should try to make some at home?) and having them as part of the dinner was a serious treat.

Fish taco 2

This pairing was full of flavors that played off each other: a slightly sweet grilled fish taco with the spicy Habanero Sculpin beer. If you have the chance to try this beer, take the opportunity. It was great with so much unexpected flavor! But if “habanero” is in the name, I guess I should have expected some flavor ūüėČ

Grapefruit sculpin

The next pairing flipped that spicy/sweet combo with a serrano glazed fish and a grapfruit beer. This fish was new to me- a¬†Baja California Golden Corvina. The owner of TJ’s did a great job leading the dinner and explained that this fish is similar to red snapper and very popular on the west coast. It came with some delicious coconut rice.

bread pudding

Last, but certainly not least, was TJ’s chocolate bread pudding with butter scotch creme and Ballast Point’s¬†Victory at Sea porter. This is a limited edition beer with coffee and vanilla flavors. It was a very sweet combination and an amazing end to the dinner.

We had so much fun trying new food and drinks. TJ’s did a great job hosting the dinner and I would definitely recommend trying a special event like this if you hear about one in your area! It’s an extra fun date night and a great way to branch out from your normal night out!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Four Corners Brewery Tour

4 Corners BrewThis past weekend, William and I took advantage of a free brewery tour at Four Corners Brewery in the Dallas Oak Cliff neighborhood! Four Corners began with a little friendly competition between Dallas home brewers and some of the guys there decided to join forces. A few years later, the brewery with the rooster was born! You may be wondering, “What’s the deal with the rooster?” Good question. It’s actually the top of a weather vane! Which totally works with the name if you think about it. Four Corners is all about bringing the different cultures that exist in Dallas together.

The tour includes the history of the brewery, a walk through and explanation of the facility, time for questions, and, of course, samples!¬†Insider tip: ask for a sample of the “Worker Bee” brew. It’s a 1:1 blend of two of their most popular beers and it’s delicious!¬†The tour lasted about an hour and we had a great time exploring another neighborhood of Dallas! They have a great patio that is pup-friendly and has games like corn hole and giant Jenga. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing weekend afternoon. Cheers!

Dallas Skyline

The view from Four Corners Brewery: the Dallas Skyline and Trinity Groves.

Beer Samples

The Block Party Porter and El Super Bee Saison

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Happy Anniversary to Crush Craft!

Crush Craft Thai Street Eats is a great Thai spot in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. A few weeks ago, we went with friends to the restaurant’s one year anniversary party- and it was a party! From 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Crush Craft was packed with happy diners chowing down on everything from Og Phat Thai (a.k.a, Pad Thai), to Gang Keo Wan (a.k.a, Green Curry), to Papaya Satay Salad. Although I love Thai food, I can’t consider myself a Thai expert, so I’m not sure how¬†authentic¬†the food at Crush Craft is, but, wow, is it delicious (we may or may not have gone twice in one weekend)!

CC Inside 2

The oh-so-colorful decor inside Crush Craft!

I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of food pics- we were having so much fun with our friends that I forgot to take them (which I think is a pretty good excuse). William got the Green Curry, I got Pad Thai, and we split the Mou Tad Pork Fritters and Veggie Spring Roll Bites. The Pad Thai has both chicken and tofu, which makes for nice variety! It had a little bit of heat without being too spicy and that great peanut sauce flavor that I love. The¬†Green Curry is so good that one of us has ordered it each time we have been to Crush Craft! This is not the dish for you if you don’t like spicy food, but one of the things that I love about Thai food generally is that along with spice, you get flavor. It’s not just spiciness that prohibits you from tasting any other flavors. With this Green Curry, you get a little break from the heat with the yummy bamboo shoots that grace the dish.

CC Menu

Crush Craft’s menu has something for everyone at a price to please.

Crush Craft has great food at a very reasonable price (all of the entrees are $10 or less)! Don’t forget to check out the different sauce options- everything from a hot chili sauce (think sriracha), to fish sauce, and more.

Have you tried Crush Craft? What is your favorite Thai dish?