The Edwards Dinner Party

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Hosting: A Noonday Collection Trunk Show!

“When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed… your night will become like noonday.” Isaiah 58:10
IMG_3426Last night, my friend Anna and I had the opportunity to host a Noonday Collection Trunk show! It was so much fun and was a wonderful opportunity to learn about this inspiring company.


Noonday Collection supports artisans around the world who hand craft jewelry and accessories. Noonday helps provide these men and women with a sustainable income and fair wage. One of my favorite parts of the show as hearing the stories of the artisans and seeing how the jewelry they make can be representative of their home countries. A wonderful story of redemption is told in pieces made by artisans in Ethiopia who take used artillery casings, melt them, and create beads out of them that are strung into beautiful necklaces.


Our friend and wonderful Noonday Ambassador Laura was so sweet to travel all the way from Mississippi for shows in the Dallas area this weekend! Anna and I had so much fun bringing friends from different parts of life together around this mission. If you are interested in purchasing a piece (or a few!) from Noonday, you can go to Laura’s Ambassador page here. To shop from our trunk show, simply add “Sarah Edwards” as your trunk show host! Our trunk show will be open through Saturday, April 18.