The Edwards Dinner Party


I’m Sarah. Welcome to the Edwards Dinner Party! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I am wife, daughter, and sister; Mississippian by birth; Texan by residence.
I hope the Edwards Dinner Party will be a source for you when you are thinking about fresh, (mostly) healthy cooking, and thoughtful, fun, EASY hosting! Through the blog, I want to encourage you to have friends into your home/apartment/studio for meals whether they are simple or elaborate. Inviting someone into your home is a personal act and being a good host is all about making people feel comfortable. When these things come together, it’s a catalyst for building relationships and getting to know people.
You can follow my food adventures on instagram (@edwardsdinnerparty) and on twitter (@rollwithstone). If you would like to collaborate or have questions, feel free to email me at sarahedwardsblogs{at}gmail{dot}com!
Thanks again for stopping by!

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