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Whole 30 Recipe: Carrot Ginger Soup


Last week in my meal plan for whole 30 week 1, I included Carrot Ginger Soup and I want to share the recipe with y’all! It’s a delicious and easy soup that I have adapted to make it fit in the Whole 30 guidelines. I can’t take credit for the recipe. I actually got it on a cruise my husband and I went on with his family! It was the only cruise I have been on and I did not know what to expect. The food (along with the whole experience!) was really great and at the kitchen staff shared some of the recipes. Please comment if you have any questions!


It’s a really great side or starter, but if you want to make it an entree, I would recommend topping it with a little bit of meat or protein of your choosing. ūüôā

Carrot Ginger Soup

2 lbs carrots trimmed, peeled, and sliced into rounds
1 qt (give or take) chicken broth or water
1 onion peeled and sliced
4 tabs unsalted butter (I swap for about 1-2tbs oil to make it whole 30)
1/2 cup heavy cream (optional – I usually exclude)
1″ piece ginger peeled and finely mined
salt and pepper to taste

Soak carrots overnight in water. (I have made the soup without doing this, but it cuts down on the cooking time significantly, so it’s a time saver!)

Saute onions in a large, covered stock pot in 1/2 the cooking fat until onions are very soft. Do not allow the onions to brown. Drain the carrots and add them to the pot. Add stock or water to cover vegetables. Add minced ginger. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer. Allow it to simmer until carrots are soft. Remove from heat and puree the soup until very smooth. Thin with water or stock if needed. Stir in remaining butter and cream if desired. Salt and pepper to taste. Top with freshly ground pepper.

1. If you have an immersion blender, you can just puree the soup in the stock pot. I don’t have an immersion blender, so I just ladle the soup into my regular blender and make sure to include some of the liquid. It purees very easily! You could probably also use a food processor if you prefer.
2. When blending hot liquids, either take off the top or take out the little cap in the middle of your blender’s top and cover with a paper towel or kitchen towel. This lets some of the steam escape.
3. You can also top it with herbs for a yummy twist! I used fennel fronds for the photo above.

Happy cooking!

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Whole 30 Week 2 Meal Plan

We’re headed in to week two of January Whole 30! How are you feeling? The first week can be challenging between getting used to the guidelines and the different unpleasant ways your body can react to cutting out sugar, grains, cookies, etc. Hope you are on the upswing!

Here is my meal plan for this week. I hope it’s helpful as you do your own grocery shopping and meal planning. Most of my salads will be topped with chicken because that’s what I got a bunch of this weekend. My grocery store didn’t have any “approved” sausages that I found, so I’m going to make a recipe that I found on Primal Palate’s website (I haven’t tried any of their seasonings, but this recipe is great!).

Let me know if you have any questions!


Saturday, Jan 7
Meal 1: Fried eggs with veggies
Meal 2: Leftover No Bean Sweet Potato Chili
Meal 3: Curry

Sunday, Jan 8
Meal 1: Breakfast sausage (recipe from Primal Palate) with veggies
Meal 2: leftovers
Meal 3: chicken with Moroccan flavors (Weeknight Fresh and Fast)

Monday, Jan 9
Meal 1: eggs
Meal 2: leftovers
Meal 3: turkey sausage with veggies

Tuesday, Jan 10
Meal 1: eggs with greens
Meal 2: salad
Meal 3: zoodles with Mom’s meat sauce (Made on Sunday)

Wednesday, Jan 11
Meal 1: sausage and veggies
Meal 2: salad
Meal 3: tuna salad on greens

Thursday, Jan 12
Meal 1: breakfast sausage or eggs
Meal 2: stuffed sweet potatoes
Meal 3: leftovers

Friday, Jan 13
Meal 1: eggs
Meal 2: salad
Meal 3: salad

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January Whole30

Hey there! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, but I thought I would dust off the old blog in honor of doing #JanuaryWhole30. I’m posting partially to help me stay the course and partially because when I did my first Whole 30, I was constantly searching the internet for recipes and ideas. This is my second time to do Whole 30 and I am excited about it! The holidays were wonderful and filled with yummy food, but I am so ready to get back in a routine and swap sugar for veggies ūüôā

Here is my loose meal plan for the first five days of Whole 30. I’ll be posting pics on my instagram feed if you want to see how they turn out! I’ll also probably post the recipe for the Carrot and Ginger soup later this week. It’s a delicious pureed soup that I’m convinced could cure anything that ails you.

I’m keeping things pretty simple this week, but want to add in some new recipes over the next few weeks. Would love any recipe ideas you have or if you’ve done Whole 30 and what you thought of it.

Happy 2017!

Monday, Jan 2
Meal 1: Hard boiled eggs with sauteed kale
Meal 2:
Grilled chicken and slaw
Meal 3:
Baked sweet potato stuffed with turkey and kale

Tuesday, Jan 3
Meal 1: Hard boiled eggs with sauteed kale
Meal 2: Chicken with winter veggies

Meal 3: Taco/Burrito Bowl

Wednesday, Jan 4
Meal 1: Frittata with kale, onion, carrot
Meal 2: Chicken with carrot and ginger soup (make ahead on Monday)
Meal 3:Whole Chicken in crockpot with slaw

Thursday, Jan 5
Meal 1: Frittata with kale, onion, carrot
Meal 2: Chicken with carrot and ginger soup (make ahead on Monday)
Meal 3:Zoodles with chicken

Friday, Jan 6
Meal 1: Frittata with kale, onion, carrot
Meal 2: Leftovers
Meal 3:¬†No Bean Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili (from Skinny Taste… love her!)



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Grilled Pizza Deliciousness

Lately, I have been¬†loving¬†trying recipes from Weeknights Fresh & Fast by Kristine Kidd and beautiful photography by Kate Spears. This cookbook breaks up recipes by the season to encourage using the most fresh and seasonal ingredients as well as seasonal cooking styles (no grilling recipes in winter ūüėČ )

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Edwards Test Kitchen: Chicken with Broccoli and Peanut Sauce

French culinary tradition teaches that there are five “Mother Sauces” from which nearly every other sauce can be made. Included in this list are the heavenly bechamel and hollandaise sauces (the French know a thing or two about food). This post isn’t about any of those mother sauces, but it IS about a sauce that is on my personal list of mother sauces: peanut sauce.

It’s hard to beat peanut sauce in my book. It has peanut butter; it has a little tang from soy sauce; and it has just enough spice from chili sauce to make it absolutely addictive. It makes a plain ole chicken breast seem like a really special, decadent, save-this-for-special-occasions kind of meal.


When I found this recipe for Quick Chicken with Baby Brocoli and Peanut Sauce on the Splendid Table website and realized how simple it was to make my own peanut sauce, I was determined to try it!



I think this meal is going to be in our regular rotation for a while! It was so easy and we made it start to finish in about 30 minutes! Serve with rice and maybe bok choy.

A few tips:
-We doubled the sauce and reserved 1/4 of the doubled amount for dipping (I wasn’t kidding when I said I like peanut sauce)
-My grocery store didn’t have broccolini, so I used broccoli and just cut the florets into small pieces
-The recipe calls for smooth peanut butter, but I like crunchy better, so I used that and it was totally fine
-If you plan ahead (and can resist the peanut sauce’s siren song), try marinating the chicken in the sauce. I think it could only enhance the flavor.
-I got the Toasted Sesame Seed Oil at an organic grocery, but you can probably find it at your normal store! Check in the section with other Asian food ingredients.

I hope you enjoy this meal and thanks for reading!


Friday’s Five: Mint Juleps and Margaritas

I have a feeling this weekend will be full of parties for lots of people since it’s the running of the Kentucky Derby and also the weekend before Cinco de Mayo! Whether you’re hosting or attending parties, here are a few ideas for your weekend adventures!

First, the Kentucky Derby

1. A recipe for the classic Mint Julep

Old Forester Mint Julep

Where else to find a recipe for a classic Mint Julep than the Kentucky Derby’s website?! It is, after all, the traditional drink of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby! It’s a simple recipe, but it calls for a step that I didn’t know about: you infuse the simple syrup with mint! If you’re hosting and want to provide a non-alcoholic drink for your guests, why not double your mint simple syrup and use half for a delicious mint sweet tea?! Serve either drink in a short glass, or the uber-Southern Julep Cup. (photo source: The 2015 Kentucky Derby)

2. southern style apps

Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Thank you, Southern Living for these precious mini- Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles! To be honest, I didn’t know that chicken and waffles was a “Southern” thing until I was 18, but I am happy for the South to claim it! There are few things more delicious than this ultimate savory-sweet combination.¬†This recipe calls for slicing up fried chicken tenders, but if you’re lucky enough to live near¬†a Chick-fil-A, I would go there and buy a platter of their chicken nuggets!¬† (photo source: Southern Living,¬†Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia Degaris Pursell)

Second, Cinco de Mayo:

3. A large-batch tequila drink

If you’re hosting a Cinco de Mayo party this year, free yourself up from having to make lots of individual margaritas and try this colorful and fruity¬†Guadalajara Punch from the Splendid Table! Big batch drinks are great for parties because 1) you have a special drink without mixing individual ones for every guest and 2) you can add ice, which will water down the drink as the party goes on, making it less potent for your guests. (photo source: The Splendid Table)

4) A fool-proof guacamole recipe


I love The Kitchn¬†as a recipe source! Their recipes are creative and well-tested. Try their classic, simple recipe for guacamole. I have a feeling you’ll be making gauc a frequent part of your snack/dinner/appetizer line up, no fancy mortar and pestle required! (photo source: The Kitchn)

5) Some festive decorations


Good ole Martha Stewart has some cute, easy ideas for Cinco de Mayo decorations! Try making this¬†tissue paper fringe into a banner, or if you’re really patient, flags for skewers (do you see that in the picture?!)! A quick and easy way to add color– and who doesn’t love fringe? (photo source: Martha Stewart)

Happy celebrating friends! Thanks for reading!