The Edwards Dinner Party

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Casual Tailgating Style

Casual Tailgating Style

Casual Tailgating Style by edwardsdinnerparty

I. Love. Football! I love the sport, but I also love tailgating! Being from Mississippi, I have to admit that I am a bit of a tailgating snob, but I have also tailgated out of the back of an SUV (for a DC United game), so I can attest that no matter how you slice it, tailgating is a whole lot of fun. I will talk about tailgating food later this season, but in this post I wanted to give some ideas for making your tent/tailgate a place where you are proud to welcome friends and family, while keeping things simple. I want to keep the focus on having fun rather than worrying about having the finest and fanciest decorations.

1. I am a big fan of Tervis Tumblers and you can get them plain, personalized with your school, or your initials. They are super sturdy and keep your drinks hot and cold for hours!

2. For tailgating, it’s all about keeping things simple, but simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Kate Spade has tons of cute paper napkins like these! You could find them in your school colors or a fun pattern.

3. Some people like to grill while they tailgate, so why not get a fun (or manly) apron for the grill master! I have some friends who even had coordinated aprons that say “Hotty” and “Toddy”. ūüôā

4. Flowers can really perk up a tailgating tent, but again, keep it simple! Fun jars with simple flowers are great. Sometimes for the flowers, my mom would pick up potted mums! They come in lots of colors and can handle the football season weather. 

5.¬†Glasses that you aren’t worried about breaking. Solo cups might be more your style, but if you want to upgrade, GoVinos are a great option! They come lots of shapes and styles and are super reasonably priced.¬†

6. Wooden serving pieces are a great looking way to serve food and, unlike pottery or ceramic pieces, you won’t have to worry about them being broken or chipped.

7. Don’t forget to hydrate- especially for these early season games while it’s still hot (is that only in the South?)! These S’well bottles are super popular right now¬†and they are so cute! Most stadiums won’t let you bring any type of bottle inside, but reusable bottles are a great way to stay cool and cut back on post-game clean up!

Happy football season, y’all! Hope your favorite team wins today. I will be cheering on my Dawgs!

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Friday’s Five: Fun Decanters

Decanters. They aren’t a necessity, but they definitely look cool and can make an inexpensive bottle of wine look and taste better! Here is a quick list of different wine decanters in different price ranges and styles. If you are in the market for a decanter (or even if you’re not), I hope you enjoy looking at these pretty things. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to try one for yourself!

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Host Gifts: Riley Writes Scout

One topic I hope to talk about here at the Dinner Party is hosting and being hosted. Hosting guests¬†in your home/apartment/studio is a great way to get to know people better and it’s important to be able to be a good guest as well. This post falls into the second category: ideas for being a good guest.

Earlier in the year, my husband and I went to visit friends in DC! We met when we were both living there, went to the same church, and had lots of mutual friends. We were so excited after being away for more than a year to go back to DC and visit. Our friends there were kind to offer to host us! I stayed with a house of girls and my husband stayed with his old roommates. We had so much fun visiting so many close friends and being in our old city!

After we left, I wanted to send the girls a thank you for hosting me. I thought about giving them a single gift that they could all enjoy in the house, but for a few reasons decided to get them each their own gift. I decided¬†on a print from Riley Writes Scout! A talented friend from college started RWS, a lovely shop with hand drawn designs ranging from a series of hymns, to custom invitations, and stationary. These 5×7 prints of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”, one of my favorite hymns, made the perfect “thank you”.

RWS Come Thou Fount

RWS Joyful Joyful

This is another favorite hymn of mine! It was the recessional at our wedding, so it has special place in our hearts.

One nice way to make sure you don’t forget to send a thank you note is to take a note with you on your trip and write it before you leave. You write the note before you leave for home and leave it with your host!

Do you have a go-to host or hostess gift? And what do you give a house of guys as a thank you? We sent them Omaha Steaks! Seriously ūüôā

Visit Riley Writes Scout’s site to check out more of her fabulous work.

All photos courtesy of Katherine, creator and owner of Riley Writes Scout.


Friday’s Five: Mint Juleps and Margaritas

I have a feeling this weekend will be full of parties for lots of people since it’s the running of the Kentucky Derby and also the weekend before Cinco de Mayo! Whether you’re hosting or attending parties, here are a few ideas for your weekend adventures!

First, the Kentucky Derby

1. A recipe for the classic Mint Julep

Old Forester Mint Julep

Where else to find a recipe for a classic Mint Julep than the Kentucky Derby’s website?! It is, after all, the traditional drink of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby! It’s a simple recipe, but it calls for a step that I didn’t know about: you infuse the simple syrup with mint! If you’re hosting and want to provide a non-alcoholic drink for your guests, why not double your mint simple syrup and use half for a delicious mint sweet tea?! Serve either drink in a short glass, or the uber-Southern Julep Cup. (photo source: The 2015 Kentucky Derby)

2. southern style apps

Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Thank you, Southern Living for these precious mini- Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles! To be honest, I didn’t know that chicken and waffles was a “Southern” thing until I was 18, but I am happy for the South to claim it! There are few things more delicious than this ultimate savory-sweet combination.¬†This recipe calls for slicing up fried chicken tenders, but if you’re lucky enough to live near¬†a Chick-fil-A, I would go there and buy a platter of their chicken nuggets!¬† (photo source: Southern Living,¬†Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia Degaris Pursell)

Second, Cinco de Mayo:

3. A large-batch tequila drink

If you’re hosting a Cinco de Mayo party this year, free yourself up from having to make lots of individual margaritas and try this colorful and fruity¬†Guadalajara Punch from the Splendid Table! Big batch drinks are great for parties because 1) you have a special drink without mixing individual ones for every guest and 2) you can add ice, which will water down the drink as the party goes on, making it less potent for your guests. (photo source: The Splendid Table)

4) A fool-proof guacamole recipe


I love The Kitchn¬†as a recipe source! Their recipes are creative and well-tested. Try their classic, simple recipe for guacamole. I have a feeling you’ll be making gauc a frequent part of your snack/dinner/appetizer line up, no fancy mortar and pestle required! (photo source: The Kitchn)

5) Some festive decorations


Good ole Martha Stewart has some cute, easy ideas for Cinco de Mayo decorations! Try making this¬†tissue paper fringe into a banner, or if you’re really patient, flags for skewers (do you see that in the picture?!)! A quick and easy way to add color– and who doesn’t love fringe? (photo source: Martha Stewart)

Happy celebrating friends! Thanks for reading!

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Hosting: A Noonday Collection Trunk Show!

“When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed… your night will become like noonday.” Isaiah 58:10
IMG_3426Last night, my friend Anna and I had the opportunity to host a Noonday Collection Trunk show! It was so much fun and was a wonderful opportunity to learn about this inspiring company.


Noonday Collection supports artisans around the world who hand craft jewelry and accessories. Noonday helps provide these men and women with a sustainable income and fair wage. One of my favorite parts of the show as hearing the stories of the artisans and seeing how the jewelry they make can be representative of their home countries. A wonderful story of redemption is told in pieces made by artisans in Ethiopia who take used artillery casings, melt them, and create beads out of them that are strung into beautiful necklaces.


Our friend and wonderful Noonday Ambassador Laura was so sweet to travel all the way from Mississippi for shows in the Dallas area this weekend! Anna and I had so much fun bringing friends from different parts of life together around this mission. If you are interested in purchasing a piece (or a few!) from Noonday, you can go to Laura’s Ambassador page here. To shop from our trunk show, simply add “Sarah Edwards” as your trunk show host! Our trunk show will be open through Saturday, April 18.