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Salmon Quinoa Balls (and a Book Review!)

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In today’s food and nutrition world, gluten intolerance and sensitivities are a frequent topic of conversation. Restaurants and home cooks alike are looking for ways to reduce the amount of gluten on menus and Maria Speck’s book Simply Ancient Grains: Fresh and Flavorful Whole Grain Recipes for Living Well provides ideas from the simple to the creative.Simply Ancient Grains

By incorporating a wide variety of both gluten-containing and gluten-free grains, Speck shows ways to add variety to your diet, even if you are not concerned about gluten intake. She gives a description of each grain included in the book covering origin, nutrition considerations, and cooking instructions.

In many ways, Simply Ancient Grains serves as a useful reference book and would be just as helpful to someone who is well versed in grains as someone who has never simmered a pot of quinoa.

I have to admit that my personal experience with ancient grains is limited. After college I was introduced to quinoa (yes, I mispronounced it too), and never looked back! But I also haven’t looked much further into the grain world. Speck’s writing and clear instructions make grains such as teff, barley, and rye approachable.

For this post, I tried one of Ancient Grains’ recipes for quinoa (because it was already in my pantry) and made Quinoa and Salmon Balls with a dill and yogurt sauce. They were delicious! I took Maria’s tip for making grains easy to incorporate by making a big batch of quinoa over the weekend. We found salmon on sale and the grocery store and got to work! The ingredients were simple and I easily found them in my local Kroger.

Salmon Ball Ingredients

After forming the balls and letting them sit in the fridge to set, we heated up the skillet and started cooking. The recipe calls for smaller portions and serving these an appetizer, but I decided to make fewer, larger portions and have them as an entree. It worked really well!

Cooking Salmon Balls

Served on a bed of spinach, William and I both really enjoyed trying this new way to eat some of our favorite things. Plus… we had leftovers (win!)!

Plated Salmon Balls

Quinoa Salmon Ball

I would absolutely recommend this book for both grain lovers and those who are new to trying grains.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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