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Grilled Pizza Deliciousness

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Lately, I have been loving trying recipes from Weeknights Fresh & Fast by Kristine Kidd and beautiful photography by Kate Spears. This cookbook breaks up recipes by the season to encourage using the most fresh and seasonal ingredients as well as seasonal cooking styles (no grilling recipes in winter 😉 )

After a few weeks of rain, we were dying to get outside and fire up the grill! The cookbook includes a recipe for grilled pizza with eggplant, red onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella… so we had to try it! Have you ever grilled pizza before? It wasn’t nearly as tricky as it sounds!

We started with making dough (the cookbook also has a simple recipe for that). Normally, I assume if a recipe tells you to use a mixer, you can use either a hand mixer or a stand mixer, but this recipe definitely worked better with a stand mixer (I tried both).

Mixer in action

Finished Dough

Finished DoughAfter mixing the dough and rolling it into a bowl, it needed to rise in a warm place for about an hour. I’ve found that a good place to let dough rise is on top of our refrigerator. The dough doubled in size and we rolled it out into two crusts. I was having a little trouble making it into round crust, so it turned out to be rectangle pizza! Does that remind anyone else of elementary school cafeteria square pizza?!

Pressing the doughNext we fired up the grill with our new favorite piece of equipment: the chimney. My sister recommended the chimney and it made heating up the coals and starting the grill so much faster!

The ChimneyAfter about 15 minutes for the coals to heat up, and another 15 for the crust and cheese to melt, we had some amazing pizza! The crust was crispy on the bottom with warm grilled veggies and gooey cheese. This will totally be happening again this summer! We are so excited for grilling season!

Pizza Close up

Grilled Pizza

Happy weekend! Will you be firing up the grill? Thanks for reading!


Author: Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, a middle daughter, and a girl who loves to cook and host friends in our home. Thanks for stopping by the Edwards Dinner Party!

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