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Infused Oil Follow Up

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Hey there! I hope your week is going well! We’ve almost made it to the weekend and W and I are excited that ours will include family time and celebrating some dear friends getting married. Lots of fun ahead!

I wanted to give a little follow up to the Infused Olive Oil post and let you know how things turned out. You may remember that I wasn’t so sure about how the rosemary oil would turn out and I was more confident about the crushed red pepper. Well…


The rosemary was DELICIOUS! I let both oils sit for about 36 hours and then I couldn’t wait any longer. I bought a loaf of crusty, grainy bread, sliced it up, popped open the bottle of oil, and dove in. W and I didn’t even move the bread from the cutting board or the plate from our kitchen counter… and I still felt like I was eating at a lovely Italian restaurant! ha!

The crushed red pepper was good, but the rosemary stole the show. I think next time I’ll try using a variety of pepper like this blog suggested. Later that week, I used the red pepper oil in some Curry Lime Hummus (recipe to come) and it was pretty awesome. I felt like I finally figured out how to layer flavor and I was so excited—that will come in handy when I’m on Chopped one day, right?


What else did we do with the oil? We actually found lots of ways to use it! Just about any time I would have normally used plain olive oil, I substituted the infused. The red pepper oil made a great salad dressing with white wine vinegar, and gave sautéed kale and extra punch!

If you’ve tried infusing oil, I hope you had as much fun as I did! I will definitely try it again!


Author: Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, a middle daughter, and a girl who loves to cook and host friends in our home. Thanks for stopping by the Edwards Dinner Party!

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