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Herb Infused Olive Oil

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I had some free time on Saturday and wanted to play in the kitchen, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. Some of you are probably saying, “Bake something, duh!”. I like baking, but my husband isn’t a big sweets-eater …giving you time to process that… okay, is everyone good?… okay… so baking isn’t really my go-to. I love to bake, but I have to have people that I can share the baking with, or else I’ll eat an entire cake by myself over a few days. Not a good idea.

SO, I was trying to decide what to do and thought about making some herb infused olive oil! I had never tried it before and it sounded like one of those projects that would have a very enjoyable end result without too much time or money investment. I found recipes here (has simple, straightforward instructions) and here (has more in depth instructions and lots of information on how to safely infuse oil).

Things you’ll need: about 1/2 cup to 1 cup olive oil (depending on the size of your bottles); your favorite herb, spice, or fruit (there were some yummy-sounding lemon oil recipes on different blogs); glass bottles with a cork or flip top; a small pan; measuring cup or small funnel to safely pour the oil in the bottles.


I decided to make rosemary because it is one of my favorite herbs, I have a rosemary plant, and the sprigs look pretty in the bottle. I also made a crushed red pepper oil because my husband loves red pepper.

The only tricky part was determining how hot the oil was. I heated it in two rounds and the first one started to smoke pretty quickly, so I let it cool before pouring it over the pepper. The second one never smoked, but when I poured it over the rosemary, steam started coming off the sprigs. I’m thinking that may have been because the sprigs were fresh and not dried (although I did wash and dry them well). Fingers crossed that the rosemary won’t turn out to be bitter!

I’m already planning a night this week to sit on our little balcony and eat bread with our oil! I’ll let you know what we think! Have you ever made infused oil? How did it turn out??


Bottles– World Market / Bowls– Williams Sonoma / Measuring Cup– OXO


Author: Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, a middle daughter, and a girl who loves to cook and host friends in our home. Thanks for stopping by the Edwards Dinner Party!

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