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Happy Anniversary to Crush Craft!

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Crush Craft Thai Street Eats is a great Thai spot in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. A few weeks ago, we went with friends to the restaurant’s one year anniversary party- and it was a party! From 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Crush Craft was packed with happy diners chowing down on everything from Og Phat Thai (a.k.a, Pad Thai), to Gang Keo Wan (a.k.a, Green Curry), to Papaya Satay Salad. Although I love Thai food, I can’t consider myself a Thai expert, so I’m not sure how authentic the food at Crush Craft is, but, wow, is it delicious (we may or may not have gone twice in one weekend)!

CC Inside 2

The oh-so-colorful decor inside Crush Craft!

I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of food pics- we were having so much fun with our friends that I forgot to take them (which I think is a pretty good excuse). William got the Green Curry, I got Pad Thai, and we split the Mou Tad Pork Fritters and Veggie Spring Roll Bites. The Pad Thai has both chicken and tofu, which makes for nice variety! It had a little bit of heat without being too spicy and that great peanut sauce flavor that I love. The Green Curry is so good that one of us has ordered it each time we have been to Crush Craft! This is not the dish for you if you don’t like spicy food, but one of the things that I love about Thai food generally is that along with spice, you get flavor. It’s not just spiciness that prohibits you from tasting any other flavors. With this Green Curry, you get a little break from the heat with the yummy bamboo shoots that grace the dish.

CC Menu

Crush Craft’s menu has something for everyone at a price to please.

Crush Craft has great food at a very reasonable price (all of the entrees are $10 or less)! Don’t forget to check out the different sauce options- everything from a hot chili sauce (think sriracha), to fish sauce, and more.

Have you tried Crush Craft? What is your favorite Thai dish?


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Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, a middle daughter, and a girl who loves to cook and host friends in our home. Thanks for stopping by the Edwards Dinner Party!

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